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chapters have been logged using the Bible Companion App!


ANNOUNCEMENT: BCA Version 3.0 has been released. Changes are being made to the site along with the video training being updated to reflect the new features. The new training should be up within the next 4-5 days. In the meantime, don't hesitate to email us at if you have questions. - 07/07/15

What is the the Bible Companion App?

Fitness, diet, finances, time—if it's a part of our lives, there seems to be an app to track it. But what about the most important part of our lives? The part that remains when all else fades? The Bible Companion App (BCA) seeks to help build healthy daily habits in regards to spending time in the Word, prayer, and other aspects of the Christian life.

How does it work?

The Bible Companion App helps create and maintain good Bible reading habits by tracking your Bible readings with consistency meters, progress bars, and reading stats displayed within daily, weekly, & monthly charts. Other tracking features include setting goals for prayer, reflection, community, Bible Study, and other readings. The BCA does not contain the Scriptures. You are free to read from the Bible and medium of your choice. 

Bible poverty can occur because the Word is unavailable
or because we do not make ourselves available to the Word.

Read Your Bible - Help Support Missions

The goal in the creation of the Bible Companion App was two-fold. First, to help people create consistent habits in the Word. Second, to support missions. As you log activities, you gain Consistency Credits. These credits can then be used to influence funding in selected areas of missions. (Coming Soon.) More information about this model can be found on the Sponsors page.

Download the app & create a free account

The BCA is available for the iPhone, iPad, & Android 4.0+ phones. The BCA is not optimized for Android tablets.
The current BCA version is 3.0. Click the links to find the BCA within the app markets.


Here are few of the features of The Bible Companion App. See the Features page for more details or view The BCA training tutorials below.

  • Over 30 charts, meters, & gauges to help track Christian-based activities
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly charts track chapters logged and time-based events
  • Various line charts, bar charts, pie charts provide feedback on activity consistency
  • Select and display goal gauges from six different activities
  • Goal activities include chapters read, prayer, reflection, community, Bible study, & additional reading
  • Activity log provides text-based report over the past 14-days
  • Old Testament & New Testament progress meters display book progress and last date read

Video Tutorials

The following videos walk you step-by-step through using The Bible Companion App.
(These videos are for the older 2.x version. We are currently updating the videos to match the latest release 3.0. We are moving the videos to a new page but they should be available in a few days. - 7/07/15)

Creating a Free BCA Account
Creating a Free BCA Account
Overview of the Dashboard
Overview of the Main Dashboard
The Scolling Picker: Intro
Intro to the Scrolling Chapter Picker
Saving a Reading via the Picker
Saving a Reading via the Picker
Previously Read Shortcut
Opening the Picker via Previously Read
Logging Multiple Chapters
The Progress Section/Logging Multiple Chapters
Logging Time Activities
Backlogging Readings
Backlogging Chapters
Progress Charts
Backlogging Activities
The Overview Page
Deleting Logged Activities
Total Progress
Resetting Individual Books
Reset Individual Books
Resetting the Old/New Testament
Resetting an Entire Testament
The Activities Goals Widget
Intro to the Goals Widget
Hiding & Displaying Goals
Hiding & Displaying Goals
Changing the Event Goals
Changing Event Goals
Overview of the Charts
Overview of the Charts


Though we strive to provide a flawless app experience, sometimes technology gets the best of us. If you encounter a problem or need additional help, please email us at:  (English only please.)


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