Bible Companion App

The Community Wall

The Community Wall displays activities, achievements, and credit donations for you and your connections. Connections can either be direct with another BCA user and/or by joining an established community.







To access the Community Wall, go to the Features menu; then tap Community.







If no connections have been established, only your activities will be displayed on the wall, along with credits for various achievements.

Credits are earned for: 

  • Logging a chapter
  • Completing a book
  • Finishing a section of the Bible (the Pentateuch, the Gospels, OT/NT, etc.)
  • Consistent reading (3-day, 5-day, 7-day, 10-day)
  • Spending time in prayer

Donated credits are also displayed on the wall.




To form a direct connection with another user, tap on the People tab.

Tap the Email Address field next to the red Send Invitation button and enter the email address of the person with whom you want to create a connection. For this example, I have entered my wife's email address (not shown) in the Email Address field and then clicked the Send Invitation button.





The BCA will check and see if that person has a BCA account. If there is a BCA account associated with the email address, the person will appear within the Invitation Sent section. To cancel the invitation, tap the red X icon.

If the person does not have a BCA account, an email will be sent to them stating that you desire to establish a connection with them with links to the different app stores. However, there is a good chance that the email will be routed to his/her spam folder. If you know of a person that may be interested in the app, it's best to contact them directly and tell them to check out the website for more information about the app.



The screenshot to the right shows what happens when an invitation is received. 

When Jenny taps on the People tab, it displays an invitation received with my image and screen name. To accept the connection, Jenny would tap on the green check mark button. To deny the invitation, Jenny would click on the red x. 

When an invitation is denied, it simply goes away. The user initiating the invitation does not receive any sort of feedback that it has been denied. In a future upgrade, invitations will expire after a set time.

Note that some people will really like the Community Wall and find connections to be very encouraging, and other people will prefer to keep their BCA activity private. To each his own in this scenario, so please do not be offended if someone denies your invitation to connect. 





When Jenny accepts my invitation, the next time the BCA logs in for a new session, Jenny's activity will appear on my Community Wall, and my activity will appear on hers.

Injected messages will also appear on the Community Wall. Injected messages include such things as global prayer, KIPAs, featured ministries, etc.

Within the prayer messages, BCA users can read about the prayer subject and click the I Prayed button. A future version of the BCA will include a heat map of prayers.

KIPAs stands for Key Ideas, Principles, and Applications. KIPAs usually walk through a chapter of the Bible and offer key ideas, principles, and applications extracted from the verses or sections of the chapter.

Featured ministries are a wide range of impactful ministries that you may find interesting.





Within the People section, your direct connections are displayed under My Community. If I wanted to cancel the connection with Jenny, I would swipe from right to left across her name card, and a red X delete button will appear. (To hide the delete button, swipe from left to right.) When you delete a connection, it removes the connection from both BCA users' accounts.