Bible Companion App

The Activity Log

The Activity Log allows you to view your past 14 days of chapters logged and time activities. Within the Activity Log, you can add or delete activity for the current and past two days.




The Activity Log can be accessed by clicking the Features menu icon located on the top left corner of the BCA main dashboard. 









Scroll down the Activity Log to view the last 14 days of logged activities. 





The Activity Log allows you to log or delete activities for the current day and the past two days. By dragging your finger from right to left across a day, an Add Activity (green plus) icon will appear as well as a Delete Activities (red trash can) icon. If you attempt to drag across four days ago or older, nothing will happen. 

The red delete icon will delete all of the activities for the selected day. So if you by accident log something that you want deleted but there are other activities that you want to keep, you will have to re-log certain events after you select the delete icon.

After tapping the red delete icon, give the BCA a few seconds to sync with the server. The BCA will then refresh and that day's activities will clear.

When you log activity with the green plus icon, you will be taken to the BCA's logging menu. Click on the type of event you want to log, such as Enter Reading, Prayer, Bible Study, Community, etc., and then you will be returned to the Activity Log with a wheel selector at the bottom. Log your activity using the wheel selector, and it will be associated with the selected day. Again, this only works for the top three days.