Bible Companion App

Setting Goals

The Bible Companion App provides the ability to set goals for various events, such as reading, prayer, time spent in community, etc. Setting goals is easy. 








At the bottom of the main dashboard are goal widgets. When you initially login to the BCA, the goals section will be blank. The various goal widgets will not appear until you set a goal. The BCA currently provides goals in six different areas; however, you do not have to display all six widgets. If a goal widget is set to zero, it will not appear on your dashboard.








To set goals, go to the Features menu on the left side of the BCA, then tap Goals.




Within the goals section you will find Reading Goals and Activity Goals.

For Reading Goals, set goals for Chapters per Week and Chapters per Month. Tap and hold on the green plus icons to increase the number associated with the goal or tap and hold on the red minus icon to decrease the numeric goal. Only the Chapters per Week will appear as a widget on your main dashboard. The reading goals will also place a red line across your weekly and monthly reading charts within My Stats.

Within Activity Goals, change the numeric goals by tapping the green or red icon associated with the goal. If a goal has a numeric value of zero, it will not appear on your main dashboard. This allows you to only display the goals in categories you want to track. For example, if you do not want to track Community or Additional Reading, simply leave the numeric value as zero.






When setting goals for activities, there is a window of time associated with the goal of day, week, or month. To change this setting, tap on the word "day, week, or month" associated with the goal you want to set. At the bottom of the screen, a wheel selector will appear, and the time value can be changed.

The goal number and the time value will determine what is displayed in your goal widget. For example, if you set a goal of praying once a day by setting prayer to "1" and setting the time to "day," then as you log prayer times throughout the week, your goal widget will show 1/7, 2/7, etc. The BCA is displaying your daily prayer goals over the week, which is seven days.

However, if you set your prayer goal to 2 and keep the time set at "day," then as you log prayers, the BCA will show 1/14, 2/14, etc. The goal widget is multiplying the number of times you want to pray across a seven day time period, which equates to 14. 

Goal widgets that are set to "per day" and "per week" will reset at the end of every week. Goal widgets that are set to "per month" will reset at the beginning of every month.  

When you are finished setting goals, make sure you tap Save before exiting the Goals page.