Bible Companion App

Logging Chapters

Now that your BCA account is established, it's on to the fun stuff. You need to get rid of that boring blank screen and start filling it with worthwhile activities! On this page, we will review the basic ways to log Bible readings and other activities.


Method One: The Wheel Selector 

There are two basic ways to log Bible chapters in the BCA. First we will look at the wheel selector.

To access the logging menu, click the white plus icon on the top right corner of the app.






Within the logging menu are various choices. The top section allows you to log Bible readings by chapter, and the bottom section logs time activities, such as prayer, community, etc. To access the wheel selector, tap Enter Reading




After tapping Enter Reading, you are returned to the main dashboard. At the bottom of the screen, the wheel selector will appear. 

Tap the Old or New button to switch between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Drag your finger up or down across the books of the Bible or the chapters to navigate to the desired chapter. You can flick your finger up or down across the book or chapter and it will scroll faster; then tap to stop the scrolling process. If you need to go to a book that is near the end of the Old Testament, you can save time by clicking the New button to jump to the New Testament and then scroll back on the books section. 

Once you have navigated to the chapter that you desire to log, click the white check mark in the upper right of the wheel selector. Give the BCA a couple of seconds to sync with the server, and a pop-up message will let you know that the chapter has been logged. The Previously Read section will update and display the new chapter, and the progress bar will change. (For some reason, the pop-up does not always appear on Android, but please refer to the Previously Read section to confirm the chapter was logged.) Move the wheel selector to the next chapter and continue to log it by clicking the white check mark. 

When you are finished logging chapters, tap the white X on the wheel selector, and the wheel selector will close.



The Previously Read Shortcut

The Previously Read section located on the main dashboard not only shows the last three books and chapters logged but also provides a shortcut to the wheel selector. 








If you tap on one of the books displayed in the Previously Read section, such as Matthew 8, the wheel selector will open at that book and chapter. Simply scroll up one chapter to continue your logging.

Method Two: Reading Progress Boxes



The second method for logging Bible chapters is found in the left side feature menu within the Bible Reading Progress section. This section of the BCA can also be accessed from the right-side logging menu under Total Progress





After tapping Bible Reading Progress, you will be taken to the progress section. This section displays progress bars for each book of the Bible, the percent complete, and the last chapter and date you read for each book. 

Tap the Old Testament or New Testament buttons at the top to switch back and forth between testaments.

Click the plus icon to the right of the book that you want to open. We will scroll down the page and open Psalms.









After tapping the plus icon next to Psalms, we see the progress bar showing that I have completed 20% of the book of Psalms and that I last read on July 7. The tan shaded boxes (chapters 1-30) denote the chapters that have been logged. The white boxes (chapter 31 and forward) have not yet been logged as read.








Let's say we wanted to log chapters 31 through 35. Simply tap each box that you want to log - 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35. As you tap the boxes, they will turn red. If you need to deselect a box, simply tap it again, and it will become blank.

Multiple chapters can be logged at once by tapping and holding your finger on the last chapter that you want to select. After a second or two, all of the unread chapters up through the one you are pressing will highlight red.  

At this point, chapters have only been selected but not logged. Next we will save the chapters.






To save the chapters, scroll down to the bottom of the screen. You are presented with some logging options. Tap the red Add Reading button to log the selected chapters. After tapping the button, give the BCA a couple of seconds to sync with the servers. You should see a message that confirms your logging and displays credits earned. The selected boxes will change from red to tan, and your progress bar will update.  

Notice that you also have options to backlog your reading. If you read in your Bible but forgot to log the chapters or were some place that did not have an internet connection, you can backlog your selection one day (yesterday) or two days (the day before yesterday). 

We will cover the Reset Reading History button in a different tutorial.

After your chapters have been logged, tap the white X in the top left corner, and you will return to the Bible Reading Progress section.