Bible Companion App

Joining Groups

BCA users can join established groups, which in turn displays all of the members of that group on the Community Wall. Joining is a quick way to tap into a network of believers without having to establish a lot of direct connections. 





To join a group, go to the Community section within the Features menu, then tap on the Group tab.






Within the Keywords field, type the name or location of your group. For locations, you can type the state name, state abbreviation, or city. For example, if I type in "TX" for Texas, two church groups appear - one in Grapevine, Texas and another in Irving, Texas. To join a group, simply tap the green check mark button.






Since we just added the Community Group feature, chances are that you won't find your church yet. However, we have created a group called "BCA Sample Community" located in Bentonville that we are using as we test and refine the group feature. Feel free to type in "BCA" and join our group! 







Your groups are listed under the My Groups section within the Group tab. To leave a group, simply swipe from right to left and then click the red X button.