Bible Companion App

Donating Credits

Our purpose in creating the Bible Companion App was two-fold: first, to help people build healthy daily habits in regard to spending time in the Word, prayer, and other aspects of the Christian life; second, to support missions. 

Credits are awarded as you log Bible chapters, finish books, sections, and build consistency. These points can be allocated to various areas of missions - evangelism, poverty, education, medical aid, and justice. About once a month, the owners of the BCA take the funds that are generated from the sponsorships and Community Wall subscriptions and donate them to the various areas of missions. The funding pool is divided up according to the percentage of points that have been allocated to each area from BCA users for that time period. We hope this continues to motivate BCA users to read and record activities.







The main dashboard of the BCA displays the credits you have earned in the current month and the total number of credits available. To donate your credits, go to the Features menu and tap on Credits










The Credits section displays your available credits along with various categories of missions. Scroll down the page to see all of the categories. In this example, I have 240 credits that I need to allocate.









Tapping on the gray circle with the arrow on the bottom center of each missional category will expand the category. Within each category is additional information of what the category includes, Bible verses that support the type of work, and some commentary of why Christians should be concerned with supporting such efforts. Tap the gray button again to collapse the text box.








To select a category for allocating points, tap on the current category displayed in the category field. (You would click on 'Evangelism' in the corresponding screenshot.) The wheel selector will appear at the bottom of the screen. Choose the desired category, and click the red Done button. In this example, we will move the selector to Poverty and click Done.





With the category selected, tap the green plus icon or red minus icon to raise or lower the credits to be donated. You can tap and hold on the icons and the points will scroll up or down. Once you have reached the credit value that you would like contributed to the area of missions, click the red Donate button. 




Give the BCA a few seconds to sync with the servers, and you will get a confirmation message. Your donation credits at the top of the screen will reflect your new credit total.

* The credits on the main dashboard of the BCA will reflect your old credit total until the BCA begins a new session. This glitch will be fixed in a future upgrade.