Bible Companion App

Creating a BCA Account

After downloading the Bible Companion App (BCA) from the app market, you will need to create a free account. The following steps will walk you through setting up your account. Note that it is best to create your account when you have a strong internet connection.




When you first open the BCA, the splash screen will appear as the app loads. After a few seconds, you will be given the option to create a free account (if you are a new user) or to log in as an existing user. Tap the button, New User? Create Free Account.

The next screen will present you with the Data Protection & Privacy Policy. This states how we use data, the measures we take to protect it, etc. Read through it, and if you are comfortable with it, click the I Acknowledge button at the bottom of the policy.


Next, you will need to fill out the information form. It's best to upload a picture after your account has been established. 

Screen Name: This is the name that will appear on the Community Wall. You can use your full name, just your first name, or a nickname. If you live in a region that is hostile to the Gospel, it would be best to use an alias that will conceal your identity. 

Email & Password: Your email and password are what you will use to access your account. Please do NOT use the same password that you use for sensitive accounts, such as your email or financial institutions. If you forget your password, you can always reset it, and the BCA will send you a new, temporary password to log in.

Gender, Country, & State: When you click on these fields, a wheel selector will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select the appropriate information and click the red DONE button. 

Zip Code: Enter your five digit zip/postal code.

Why do we ask for the location information? First, unlike most other apps, we don't want to access your device's location. Your exact location is your business, not ours. However, we do create a lot of aggregate reporting, such as the heat map on our sponsors page that shows the general location of where chapters are being logged. We plan on doing the same for the prayer maps and credit allocations. We also use the general location for the sponsorship banners. They are important because they help fund the missional giving.

When all of the information has been entered, tap the red Create Free Account button. Give the app a moment to create your account, and you will then be taken back to the login screen. Enter your login information if necessary. If your login information is already appearing in the email and password fields, then click login and you will login to your BCA account.



When you first log into your BCA account, you will have primarily a blank screen because no activities have been logged. Before we get into how to log activities, let's associate a picture with your account that will appear on the Community Wall.

Click on the Features menu button in the top left corner of the BCA. The features button has three white lines with a white dot next to each line. Upon tapping it, the features menu will appear.

Within the Features menu, tap on the bottom selection: Settings.




At the top of the Settings section is a circle with a letter. This letter is the first letter of your screen name. If no picture is added, the circle and letter will appear on the Community Wall. 

When you tap on the circle, you are given the option to Take a New Photo or Choose Existing Photo. Click Choose Existing Photo.




At this point, your phone will open its image library. Every device will differ according to the operating system or brand, but the basic process will be similar. Peruse your pictures until you find one you want to use. Then tap on the picture to select it. An image editing screen will open with an editing box. Drag the corners of the box to adjust the size of the area captured, and drag the middle of the box to position it. Click Save or Done, and the image section will close with the image appearing in the circle. 



The picture now appears at the top of the Settings section. Later you will see it used within the Community Wall and with direct friend connections. You can tap on the picture again to remove it or to choose a new picture. 

The last thing you need to do is to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Save Settings.