Bible Companion App

Getting Started

Using the Bible Companion App is easy once you know your way around. The following sections will guide you step-by-step through how to use the BCA. Simply click on the section title or corresponding arrow.

To get started, you will need to setup a free BCA account. This page walks through account setup along with uploading a picture for the community wall.

Bible chapters and activities can be logged using the wheel selector or via the progress boxes. This page demonstrates the different places and methods for logging chapters.

The Activity Log displays your past 14-days of chapters and activities. The Activity Log also allows you to backlog activities or delete a day's worth of activities.

Goal meters for various activities appear at the bottom of the main dashboard. This page shows how to set goals or hide the goals that you do not want displayed on your dashboard.

The Bible Companion App rewards reading and prayer with consistency credits. This page shows how to donate the credits in order to influence missional giving.

The BCA lets you create direct relationships with other BCA users. Various activities from relationships are then displayed on the Community Wall. This page walks through the process of creating or deleting a direct relationship.

BCA users can join established groups, which in turn display all of the members of that group on the Community Wall. This page shows how to find, join, or leave a group.  

The Charts

The BCA includes over 20 charts that display your history and progress. (This page is coming soon.)