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Click the play button for a 90-second overview of how sponsorship ads promote your organization, encourage consistency with BCA users, and ultimately help fund global missions. 

What are BCA Sponsorships?

Sponsorships fund the Bible Companion App (BCA) giving model. Qualified organizations can purchase a sponsorship banner for a low monthly fee and display it by region.

Getting started is easy.

1. Let us know you are interested by contacting us at

2. We set up an account and ask in what region(s) you want your sponsor banner to appear.

3. We build your banner and About Us page. We usually refer to your website for content and will send back a banner and sponsor page for your approval.

4. Once approved, we take your account live, and your banner appears within the BCA for the specified region(s). 

5. We will send you an invoice. You may pay by the quarter or annually. Please note that is a division of a for-profit company, so BCA sponsorships are not tax-deductible.

6. A percentage of your sponsorship helps to fund global missions.

7. You may stop or pause your sponsorship at any time. If need be, you can cancel your sponsorship and any unused months will be refunded.

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Sponsorship Requirements & Restrictions

The main objective of the BCA is to promote good Christian habits while funding missions. We desire that sponsor ads be in good taste and not distracting. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel an ad for any reason. 

Where is the BCA being used?

Wondering if the BCA is being used in your region? The above heat map shows the intensity of where chapters are being logged.

Sponsorship Pricing

We have attempted to price BCA sponsorships at a level where grabbing a sponsorship is practically a no-brainer. Since the sponsor banners are served directly through the BCA rather than through third party distribution networks, we are able to offer a low sponsor price point while still generating sufficient profit margins for development and missional funding. We attempt to allocate a minimum of 50% (after taxes) of sponsorship funds to missions. As sponsorships build, a higher percentage will go to missions.

Please check back soon for pricing details.

Most states are divided into 4 to 5 regions. For example, Texas is divided into North Texas (includes Dallas and Ft. Worth), East Texas, West Texas, South Central, etc. Contact us for specifics on regions.

Examples of Sponsor Banners

We keep the sponsor banners clean and simple. When users click on a banner, they are taken to an About Us page within the app. Banners rotate approximately every 20 seconds. Every day, the banners start at a new place within the list for a user's region to ensure that all ads are given equal distribution and views. We can usually have your banner and sponsor page created and displaying within the BCA in a few days.

Can I View Results?

Once your BCA sponsor banner is live, we track the number of devices it appears on and the clicks it receives. 

Note that we do not store who views or clicks the ad. We respect the privacy of our users, so no identifiable user information is released. 

Interested in joining us?
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