Bible Companion App


View Consistency

Consistency meters track how often you log chapters. The box on the far right is the current day and moves back to the left ten days. When Bible chapters are logged, the box for that day turns green. At midnight, the day boxes shift to the left, and the current day becomes hollow.

Set Goals

Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for various areas of the Christian life. The goals (with the exception of chapters) are based on the number of sessions of time-based activities.

Track Progress

Progress bars act like bookmarks that display the percent complete and the last chapter and date that was logged in a book. People on the go often read from the Bible via different mediums—paper versions, the Kindle app, on their phones, and audio versions. The progress bars are a handy way of recalling reading history and of seeing where and when you were last in a book.

Review Activity

Scroll through the past two weeks of activities, such as chapters logged and timed events, on the activity log. This portion of the BCA also allows you to backlog or delete readings and activities up to two days prior.

Chart Your History

Over 20 charts plot your Bible reading and time-based events. Bar charts, line charts, pyramid charts, and others allow you to view your reading stats and activities from different angles in order to identify patterns or consistency and inconsistency in various areas.  

Charts and meters include:

  • Total daily reading line chart
  • Daily reading line chart by OT/NT
  • Daily time bar chart stacked
  • Total chapters per week bar chart
  • Chapters per week bar chart by OT/NT side-by-side
  • Chapters per week pie chart
  • Weekly time activities bar chart 
  • Weekly time activities pie chart
  • Total chapters read per month line chart
  • Chapters read per month bar chart OT/NT stacked
  • Chapters read per month for previous three months
  • Chapters read by section last month OT/NT
  • Month time charts for activities - bar and stacked
  • Entire Bible reading progress by section bar chart/pie chart
  • And more!

Earn Credits - Support Missions

Not only does the BCA help you develop consistent reading and prayer habits, it also allows you to influence missional funding. As you log Bible readings and other activities (prayer, Bible study, community, etc.), you earn points for progress and consistency. These points can then be donated toward various categories of missions. Revenue from sponsors and catalyst memberships is periodically donated to various missions that fall within each category. Your points help determine what percentage of the funding gets allocated toward various categories. Have a heart for orphans and children in need? Your points help influence the direction of the funding!

Connect with Friends & Join Communities

In version 3.0, we changed our approach to accountability partners. There is now a community wall that allows you to share your BCA activity with other select members. As you or your connections log Bible reading, spend time in prayer, or stay consistent over certain periods of time, the events are posted on your community wall. Build your community wall by sending requests to friends who are using the BCA or join established groups.

Read KIPAs

KIPAs stands for Key Ideas, Principles, and Applications. They are condensed notes and applications from the Scriptures that the BCA founders develop from their study and quiet times. KIPAs were included in the initial release of the BCA and received a great response. We temporarily removed KIPAs from the BCA but will reintegrate them into the Community Wall. 

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