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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I remove the ads from my BCA?

No, but we understand your frustration as ads within apps annoy us also. However, the ads in the BCA play an important part in its ongoing development and the missions support via the donation of credits. The BCA ad network was developed by us, it's not some third party such as Google, so we hope that as you see more of them appear you will rejoice in knowing that it is helping to support work on the field. Click the video to the right for a 90-second overview of the ad revenue/mission support model.

Why does the BCA not include the Bible?

There are a couple of reasons we decided not to include the Bible. First, there is not a need for an app that is the Bible. The teams at YouVersion and Olive Tree have created Bible apps filled with a lot of great resources. Plus, almost all of the major Bibles can be found on Kindle. Our focus is to develop a tool that helps develop a consistent habit of getting into the Word as well as other Christian disciplines - or as Jenny refers to them, 'Christian privileges.' However, we are currently exploring a "listen & log" feature for the BCA.   

Can we see what missions are being supported and how much money is being donated?

We've had a lot of great feedback on the point system and the donation feature toward various aspects of missions. Our future plans are to make this feature more granular, meaning that under each category, you will see current projects that we are supporting and can donate your points directly to a specific project. Progress bars will show you when a project is fully funded. However, we have to take into account both safety and shame. If we are funding something that is in an area that is hostile to the Gospel, then safety comes first. Likewise, if we are supporting girls who have been pulled out of sex trafficking, we are not going to release their identities and possibly bring more shame and scrutiny to them. Over time, we'll find a healthy balance between transparency and protection.

Can I donate money to the projects supported by the BCA beyond just points?

Yes, but not via the BCA. We will provide more details soon on joining our projects via the non-profit route soon.

What are your plans for the Community Wall?

The Community Wall was released in version 3.0 and replaced the original accountability tool. The purpose of the Community Wall is to simply serve as an encouragement that others in your group are reading, praying, etc. The wall will remain mostly passive without a lot of tools (such as Likes or comments) that are common to social networking apps. The goal is to help get you into the Word and prayer. Ideally, a person should only be interacting with his or her BCA a minute or two a day for logging your readings and evaluating your progress. 

Are you planning on releasing the BCA for Windows Phones or other devices?

Right now we are watching the market share adoption on Windows phones. Don't get us wrong, we would love to have it on Windows phones and other devices. However, every operating system brings its own set of problems and bugs, which translates into time and money. This means that features we want to add are pushed back, which frustrates current users.

Who's behind the app?

The Bible Companion App is the brainchild of Jenny and Brandon of Bentonville, Arkansas. Jenny is organized and disciplined to the degree of jokingly being a little OCD. Every morning she can be found on the couch cuddled up with their English bulldog, a steaming cup of coffee, and an open Bible. She loves the way the BCA allows her to check off her reading and instantly view her progress. Her husband, Brandon, is the unorganized counter-balance, leaning more towards the ADD side of things. Since he can be easily distracted, he needed a personal accountability tool that reflected his reading and prayer consistency.

Jenny and Brandon own Molyneux Traxel, Inc., a boutique software company that develops enterprise applications for distance training solutions, as well as directing the marketing for a large company in precision agriculture. However, their overarching passion is being involved in overseas mission work. Together they have worked in over 20 countries and currently provide Biblical training material to Christians in sensitive areas, as well as supporting orphans and the destitute.