Bible Companion App

The Goal

The goal of the Bible Companion App (BCA) may be summed up in two words - consistency and application. The BCA is a tool designed to help you be more consistent in reading the Word and in praying. Whether you prefer to read the Bible in its paper or electronic form or even to listen to a recording, the Bible Companion App allows you to measure your consistency, track your progress, establish connections for accountability and encouragement, deepen your understanding through an application-driven commentary, and use your consistency to help influence missional giving.

Our Approach

We often receive requests for features such as Bible reading plans and enhanced prayer and accountability options. Such features are coming; however, don’t expect them to have a traditional feel to them. This is because when we approach a need, we ask ourselves, “Why is the current system failing? Where are the constraints and bottlenecks that frustrate the end-goal?” For instance, it’s probably fair to say that most people who start Bible reading plans (especially one-year plans) never finish them. So, we attempt to identify the main causes and then design tools within the BCA to meet your specific goals as you work your way through the entire Word of God. 

The BCA Community

Being a member of The Bible Companion App anonymously connects you with a community of worldwide BCA members. Since many people ask if we have plans to integrate the BCA into various social media outlets, it’s important to know the founders’ philosophy with the app. Although we are not opposed to social media, we also see it as creating a lot of noise, which can easily be distracting. Have you ever walked out your front door in the morning without spending time in the Word or in prayer but having checked your Facebook or Twitter account multiple times? Or have you come across a verse that seemed to jump off the page, so you immediately post it to your social media page for the world to see rather than taking an extra moment or two to let the Holy Spirit internalize the message, making it applicable in your life? Noise can be the number one enemy of consistency in the Word, quiet solitude, and thoughtful prayerful.

However, the goal is not for you to run off to become a monk. Therefore, we are building a soft community within The Bible Companion App. Watching the evening news can be depressing, but opening up The Bible Companion App to log your daily reading and seeing that there are thousands of other believers around the world that are currently reading in the same book as you is refreshing. 

Who’s Behind the App?

The Bible Companion App is the brainchild of Jenny and Brandon of Bentonville, AR. Jenny is organized and disciplined to the degree of jokingly being a little OCD. Every morning she can be found on the couch cuddled up with their English bulldog, a steaming cup of coffee, and an open Bible. She loves the way the BCA allows her to check off her reading and instantly view her progress. Her husband, Brandon, is the unorganized counter-balance, leaning more towards the ADD side of things. Since he can be easily distracted, he needed a personal accountability tool that reflected his reading and prayer consistency.

Jenny and Brandon own a small software and marketing company. However, their overarching passion is being involved in overseas mission work. Together they have worked in almost 30 countries and currently provide Biblical training material to Christians in sensitive areas, as well as supporting orphans and the destitute.